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Ceramicspeed lager 61803 (6803) coated



  • Energie besparen dankzij de extreem lage wrijving.
  • Levensduur van wel 3-5 keer langer dan andere lagers op de markt.
  • CeramicSpeed kogels 100% gladder en 15% harder dan andere keramische kogels op de markt.
Inner Diameter: 17 mm
Outer Diameter: 26 mm
Width: 5 mm


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All CeramicSpeed Bearings are hand-built in Denmark. Super smooth CeramicSpeed grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls are matched (within microns) with hardened steel raceways that feature an ultra-smooth polished groove.The balls are held in place by a reinforced polyamide cage. Every bearing is optimised with a low viscosity CeramicSpeed “Blue Grease” to minimise fiction and increase bearing life. Non-contact seals complete the bearings, keeping dirt and moisture out. CeramicSpeed Bearings can be used for any cycling discipline: Road, TT, Tri, Track, Cross and MTB. The benefits are super low friction, better power transfer and increased bearing life.During the building process, we check each bearing four times by hand to ensure that all parts are matched perfectly. CeramicSpeed Balls are 400% smoother, 128% harder and 58% lighter than standard steel bearings normally used in the bicycle industry. When comparing the CeramicSpeed Balls with other ceramic balls in the industry, you will find that the CeramicSpeed Balls are 15% harder, take 99% higher loads and are 100% smoother.

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